Letter to the future grade 5s

Dear grade 5s this year! For me I thought exhibition was just a normal fun project and building stuff and just presenting to the school but it turned out bad instead fun!

The tree main skill I chose was art,reflection and action now I’m going to explain art I’ll explain the other topics in the other paragraphs why I chose art because art is 50% and research is 50% like it’s half half the attitudes I picked was respect because you have to respect your partner!

The second important skill in exhibition is action action is a action that your going to change the environment and make it a better place and they are going to learn something from your project and they are not going to make that mistake anymore the attitude that I picked was principled because I am fair because I take turn typing with my partner!

The last skill that I chose was reflections reflection is mostly important because you have to do in every single week writing how is exhibition are you enjoying it? And you have to write about your exhibition topic what you got and who’s your partner and what did you do the past week and my attitude that I picked was thinker cause I think before I ask because you need to think what are we supposed to do!

Advice/tips x2
Some advice for the future grade 5s are to try to stay focus and do not fall behind please stay on task don’t fall behind and don’t talk to other groups!

The closing of exhibition is going to be presenting to your parents and guardians and the first night is done exhibition the next morning you need to show the grade 1,2,3 and 4s what your got!
Good luck [ DONT BE NERVOUS ]

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