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Forensics 7/8

November 20, 2018 | Leave a Comment

We are starting to wrap-up our Evidence unit. Students are applying the knowledge they have learned thus far to a real life murder case that happened in the 90s. We are doing this by listening to the podcast “Serial” and will continue to map out evidence and discuss the flaws in this case. Next Unit: […]

This week in Forensics 7/8, we are continuing on in our second unit (Evidence). We have looked at different types of evidence, fingerprints, and are in the midst of examining blood as evidence. We will be doing a Blood Spatter lab in class  today before we move onto different types of evidence later this week.

Forensic Science 7/8

September 28, 2018 | Leave a Comment

This week in Forensic Science 7/8, we started our own Whodunnit project. We will have one more class period to finish up working on this project and we will continue to watch the Whodunnit series to better understand the many different aspects of Forensic Science.  

This week in Forensic Science 7/8, we have been busy working on the following: Tuesday:  Introduction to Forensic Science notes Whodunnit— episode 2 with discussion about potential suspects Thursday:  Crime Scene introductory notes Crime Scene vocabulary Friday:  Finish Crime Scene vocabulary Whodunnit— start episode 3; web out the evidence from this episode

This week in Forensic Science 7/8, we are working on the following: Tuesday: Course outline Classroom policies/expectations/procedures Introduction to Forensics– What does a Forensic Scientist do? Thursday: Introduction to Forensic Science continued Fingerprinting