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This week we are working on presentations about the Spanish Inquisition. We have 2 more topics left in this unit and the unit test will be before Spring Break. Unit Test Dates: Wednesday, April 17th (8-2) Thursday, April 18th (8-1)

We are wrapping up topic 3 (Spanish Worldview– the Reconquista and Spanish Inquisition). Students writing & presentations on the Spanish Inquisition are due on Mon. April 1 (8-2) and Tues. April 2 (8-1)

Students have been reviewing historical events leading up to Confederation through their midterm projects. All projects will be due next week, with little class time to continue working on them. 7-1: due on Wednesday, March 20th 7-2: due on Thursday, March 21st

Students have been practicing their persuasive writing over the past couple classes. Their Aztecs “For the Good of the People” persuasive paragraph(s) will be due next week. There will be no more class time after Thursday, March 14th to work on these assignments. 8-2: due on Wednesday, March 20th 8-1: due on Thursday, March 21st