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Today’s Lunch Box Talks

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What did we talk about? 

Timothy – school, what we learned and our favourite subject

Nihaar – how tall I was, the weather, taxes and how socially awkward we are

Angelee – we talked about Exhibition, favourite subjects and whether they had a job

Reid – we talked about Exhibition, subjects and what we’re doing in school

Dilpreet – we talked about Exhibition and did they do something similar to Exhibition

Taha – favourite sports

How did I feel talking to someone I didn’t really know? 

Sharon – it was awkward because it was quiet, one of the girls kept switching groups, it made it more choppy

Zan – It felt fun after a minute because we got to about stuff that they and we didn’t know (favourite stuff)

Aya – I felt awkward, there wasn’t much to talk about, we were really shy

Sydney – It was awkward, but then we brought up school. Then it stopped feeling awkward, it didn’t feel forced

Jacqueline – it was awkward when we talked about current events, it was just between the Grade 5s or the high school kids

Mia – it felt awkward, they are older than us, they know more than us and sometimes we know more than them

Tatiana – I felt weird, some of our groups mixed up and kept switching, made the conversation hard

Jana – if felt awkward because they were older and we didn’t know to how to start a conversation

How did I use my communication skills effectively? 

Thatcher – I used them effectively because I listening and engaging in the conversation and taking part and speaking

Jaden – I was listening, when there was gap or awkward silence, I would ask another question

Colin – I used my communication effectively because I wasn’t interrupting. I was always talking to people, I was engaged in the conversation all the time

What feedback can I give next time I have to speak professionally? 

Manvi – have a few topics prepared so that we can have conversations

Benjamin – be a little more engaged

Aikam – the teenagers weren’t shy and said anything in their mind; next time I don’t have to be as shy

Kalan – I could do better at talking more, participating more in our group discussions, I tried to talk but it was hard because other people kept talking



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