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Creating Conceptual Questions connected to Peruse the News

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Today, students took one of the Peruse the News topics they had chosen and used key concept sentence starters to begin creating conceptual questions. Below are the concepts, topics and questions the students created:


Eruption in Hawaii — how has the climate changed in Hawaii after the eruption?

Elephants poisoned for ivory — can you elaborate on the reason why people kill elephants when they can cut off their tusks instead?

Minimalism — what does minimalism feel like?


Car crashes — how do people lose their jobs from car crashes?

Eruption in Hawaii — What are the reasons for the volcano to erupt?

Climate Change — What will happen if climate never stops?


Job gap — How is the job gap connected to female rights?

Child labour — How is child labour connected children’s rights?


Music therapy — how has different types of therapy changed over time?

Stop Littering — how has littering affected the world?

Child labour — how have child labour laws changed over the years?


Kids stuck on their screens not enough horseplay — do people think that their screen time is good for them? Why?

Minimalism — how does knowledge of Minimalism allow us to understand important things in life?

Elephants poisoned for ivory — what facts would you use to support your perspective of how poaching is bad?


Natural disasters – what can you conclude about what your responsibility is in a natural disaster?

Stop Littering — what is our responsibility to get people to stop littering?


Music Therapy — can you elaborate on the reason that music therapy works?

Music Therapy — how do music and therapy work together?

Climate Change — how did climate change start?

Eruption in Hawaii — what preparations did the people in Hawaii make before the volcano erupted?

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