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Electromagnets – University of Calgary Presentation

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When you have created an electromagnetic, the coil has to be constantly moving for the electricity to move through it to make it work – Jaden

When you move the magnet through, the more powerful the energy and the light will be brighter – Aya

In factories they burn coal. The coal makes steam. The steam shoots up and moves the turbine (electromagnet) – Colin

You can’t have just a few coils to make the light work. We had to wrap the coil 500 times around the test tube with the magnets in it to make the light work – Ben

There’s not actually a magnet in a light bulb – Sharon

When they showed us the mini flashlight, it had a battery. Our flashlight used a magnet – Tatiana

There is a giant hydroelectricity pump at Niagara Falls – Jaden

Coal is polluting the world a lot more than hydroelectricity – Thatcher

The climate change video showed us how the temperature of the earth has really changed. It used to be cold and now it’s a lot warmer than it used to be  – Angelee

Alberta uses coal and oil more than any other province to fuel electricity.


We might not be able to switch right over to solar energy, but can we switch over to hydroelectricity?

What’s a wind a turbine?

What is corn power?

Why do people think that the Earth is getting warmer?

How does a coil and a magnet make electricity?

Is there anything that Alberta can do to create new sources of energy?

Are there any other sources of energy besides the ones we know?

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