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Snap Circuit Exploration

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What did I learn/discover?

When you connected 2 pieces electricity came through them. When you had enough connectors to carry the electricity to different places.  

You have to use the exact pieces to make the circuit work.  

You didn’t always have to use wire to make the circuits work, the connectors worked too.

Metal is a good conductor of electricity – electricity is able to pass through it or when it touches it.

When you replaced just one part, it changed the entire thing (alarm — space battle).

On the back of the speaker it said what watts it had. It also had some Greek writing – Omega

What surprises did I have?

Some of the parts did things that we didn’t expect. For example the fan spun, but it also flew.

One or two parts looked exactly the same, but did different things.

When you take out one piece, the whole entire system just stops.

I was expecting this activity to be lots of wires, not the connectors.  

Why is it important to learn about circuits?

One day when I’m in my house and a thunderstorm happens, I might need to fix a circuit.  

If you grow up to be an electrician you will know how to work with electricity.

For emergencies – if something isn’t working, you’ll know what to touch and what not to touch.  You could get hurt if you touch wires.

Batteries are another source for when electricity is not working.

For job purposes.  

How does this activity connect to our exploration of different types of energy?

Without circuits then we wouldn’t have electricity

How does this exploration connect to the central idea?

Oil and gas aren’t good for the environment, but it can’t just stop. We can’t just switch over to other source of energy just like that.  

Other sources of energy such as wind and solar power are very expensive.

We can’t stop making things that we need like food, but solar/wind power its much more expensive.

What wonders do you still have?

What would happen if we run out of oil and gas?

Is there such a thing as oil efficient resources?

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