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Phantom Power

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What is Phantom Power?

I have my phone plugged and it’s fully charged. But it’s still sucking power from the outlet – Jaden

If you have something plugged in, even though its off or not being used, its still creating Phantom Power and carbon dioxide – Aya

Costs Americans $4 billion a year. Divide that by 10 and that will be what it costs Canadians – Timothy

When something is being plugged in, such as a computer. Even though it’s not turned on, it is still sucking up power. It costs people money on their electricity bill and its creating carbon dioxide – Colin

What are some examples of where we see Phantom Power at school?

Elif – Christmas lights

Jaden – photocopier

Thatcher – electric sharpener

Mia – iPad cart

Taha – fan

Reid/Sydney – uninterrupted power source – if all the power comes out of the school

Aya – laminating machine

Amelia – paper shredder

Jacqueline – lamp

Morgan – phone charger

Timothy – water fountain

Colin – coffee machine

Benjamin – document camera

Manvi – computer cart

Dilpreet – sign-in tablet

Sydney – toaster oven

Jana – speakers

Angelee – smartboard

Tatiana – light switch

Kalan – popcorn maker

Nihaar – blender

What are some solutions to Phantom Power?

Morgan – instead of just turning off a lamp, unplug the lamp from the wall

Jaden – try to minimalize the use of outlets, use a power bar instead

Thatcher – turn off the power bar or unplug when you are away for holidays

Tatiana – unplug the charger when your device is fully charged

Nihaar – pay attention to Phantom Power

How does Phantom Power connect to our central idea?

Timothy – we are consuming the energy and creating the phantom power, the world will be a gigantic ball of carbon dioxide.

Thatcher – people have to think ethically about how much phantom they use and how they can stop it

Jaden – people have to think about resources we are using. We need to be more energy efficient.

Colin – people are creating all this energy and we not using it responsibly, we are not making the ethical choice to use a power bar or unplug your iPad.



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