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Daily Agenda – Tuesday, February 11th, 2019

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Alida and Leah’s Cancer Quest Fundraiser! Click HERE to support 2 amazing PWE students. PWE needs to raise $7000 so that Mr. Morey and Ms. Rentz can shave their hair off!

Look for the EnerGuide and Energy Star symbols and signs around your house. Record what you find on the sheet that’s in your agenda pocket. Remember to answer the questions at the bottom on the back of the page. Also, finish filling out the Phantom Power sheet we completed in class. These 2 sheets are due on Thursday.

Show your parents our blog post about Phantom Power and discuss what we learned and discovered.

Please remember to dress appropriately for the weather. Even though we are having indoor recess, we may pop out from time to time to get some fresh air and movement.

If you are making Valentine’s cards for the class, here are the names of all the students in 5C: Nihaar, Kalan, Sydney, Benjamin, Angelee, Taha, Amelia, Sharon, Zan, Tatiana, Aikam, Jana, Sheila, Colin, Thatcher, Morgan, Jaden, Jacqueline, Aya, Timothy, Mia, Reid, Manvi, Dilpreet, Elif. Please remember to include everyone when you are writing your cards.




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