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Attribute of the month – Caring (February is Random Act of Kindness Month)

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February is Random Act of Kindness Month – so we are looking at the PYP attribute – caring. Below are some of the students’ examples of random acts of kindness:

  • ask your mom or dad if they’d like to go outside and play – Anaey
  • hold the door open for someone – Makaila
  • give some money to the poor – Sarah D.
  • donate some food to the food bank – Kyle
  • students from 3Cs bringing in food for the fridges – Ms. Csak
  • a friend gave me a candy cane at Christmas time – Wince
  • sharing your pencil crayons with someone – if they need the same colour as you – Nooren
  • leave a tray of cookies or treat (with a note) at your neighbour’s home – Lorelei
  • delivering Christmas cards to people in the neighbourhood – we did this!!
  • help people who are sick or hurt (bring them to the office) – Emma
  • if somebody got hurt you could  help them – Kiranpreet/Chasetin
  • stick up for a friend/or anyone if you see they are being made fun of – Ethan S.
  • lend a person a pencil if they are looking for one – Mahtab
  • if you see someone who isn’t part of a game, ask them if they’d like to join in – Sartaj
  • give someone a smile (such as to Mr. Siemens because he is outside in the cold keeping everyone safe in the mornings) – Alex
  • if someone doesn’t know where something is at the store, help them – Arseniy
  • give someone a hug if they’re sad – Willow
  • help someone pay for their groceries if they don’t have enough money – Haiden
  • make breakfast for mom and dad on the weekend – Alexis
  • give change to someone less fortunate (make sure you ask for permission from your parents) – Willow
  • when you see someone struggling with some work, go over and help them – Alex
  • welcome the new neighbour with banana bread/baking – Kyle
  • when someone gives you something and they don’t want any money for it – Alexis

Click on the link to discover more acts of kindness that you could carry out!

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