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Stop Motion

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Take a look at these videos to learn about different techniques that can be used to create Stop Motion videos.





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Library is tomorrow – please bring back books.

Student Council is running a toy drive. If possible, could I bring a new toy that can be donated to Chestermere Christmas with Dignity. I can also bring a food item for the Chestermere Food Bank.

Continue collecting items for our Found Art activity for next week – please make sure you look hard for items or we will be unable to complete this activity. Thanks.

Swimming continues tomorrow – don’t forget to bring my swimming bag and to wear my bathing suit underneath my clothes in the mornings.


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Wednesday, November 28th, 2018

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Click HERE to show my parents the Podcast we listened to about bats. Today we continued listening and determining what kind of information was important to write down. This will help us when we conduct interviews for Exhibition and have to record information in our research documents.

If I want, I can get a head start on tomorrow’s podcast. Click HERE – the first 2 links are podcasts. Tonight, I can choose and listen to one of the podcasts. Tomorrow, I will begin to take notes about the podcast.

Here are the times for 5C swimming December 10th – 14th:

9:35 am – Depart Prairie Waters (5C & 1/2 of 5T)

10:00 am – Arrive at Village Square

10:30 am – 11:15 – Swimming Lesson

11:30 am – Leave Village Square with 5C and 1/2 of 5T Students

11:55 am – Arrive at Prairie Waters

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  1. Swimming forms and payment are now due. Taha, Zan, Jacqueline, Manvi –Please return them as soon as possible. Thanks!
  2. Have I been practicing my adding basic facts. Tomorrow, we will start looking at subtraction basic fact strategies.
  3. Below is an example of some algebraic questions we explored today. Can I work with my parents to figure out what the pictures represent to solve the equations?
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  1. Tomorrow is class picture day – please come to school dressed nicely.
  2. Today we brainstormed different kinds of adding basic fact strategies that we already know. They are on the poster in the image below. Parents, when working with your child at home on basic facts, refer to the strategies on the poster to help your child strengthen their knowledge of basic facts.
  3. My homework for tonight is to take one or two of the strategies below and show my parents how to use it with an adding basic fact.

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  1. Parents and Students, Halloween is this Wednesday. Everyone is welcome to dress up. But it is entirely optional. We won’t be having a Halloween party. Students are more than welcome to bring candy to school. We will distribute it during the last period of the day. Bringing candy is also optional. Make sure that if you bring candy to share, please bring enough for the entire class. **You may wear a mask, but please refrain from wearing anything too gory or scary for the younger students. Also, please do not bring fake weapons to school, as part of your costume (guns, swords, machetes, etc). Thanks.
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  1. Library is on Monday. Please bring back books.
  2. School picture forms are due on October 23rd. Re-takes are November 8th.
  3. Please remember to pay school fees.
  4. Return blue form ASAP – Annual Field Trip Authorization Form.
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Last week during French we discovered that the word for “hundred” was “cent”. We realized that there are 100 cents in a dollar and that got us curious. Our word work today was researching how the Latin word “cent” which means a hundred, is found in all kinds of words in many languages such as English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. Below are some of the words we discovered:

Centurion – the commander of a century in a Roman army (100 men)

Centennial – 100th anniversary

Cento – the Italian word for century

Centipede – bug that has 100 legs

Centenarian – being at least 100 years old

Centilitre – 100th of a litre

Centigram – 100th of gram

Century – period of a time equal to 100 years

Centigrade – a scale divided in 100 degrees

Tricentennial – 300 years

Cent – fractional monetary unit of several countries (100th of dollar)

Cent – French for 100

Centesimal – dividing into 100

Percentage – a percentage out 100%



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Today Sheldon First Rider from the Kainai (Blackfoot) First Nation came presented to us his perspective of living in harmony with the environment. Here’s what we found out:

  • Teepees have ears and spines.
  • The paint from the teepee – the owner has a dream telling them where the paint is found and they painted the teepee
  • Earth, animals and sky make up the design of a teepee
  • Puffballs – fungi and help heal cuts. If you step on a puffball all the dust comes up and releases the fungi
  • Creator of the earth was called Napi. Napi was also a trickster
  • If animals had a claws or paws they were teachers and you weren’t allowed to eat them
  • Buffalo – provided utensils from the horns; sinew (tendons) were made into thread; hide to make robes and belts
  • When the Blackfoot killed a buffalo they offered tobacco (symbol for honour and respect) and to say sorry for killing the buffalo
  • Just like the Blackfoot that used the entire buffalo – we need to follow this example. For example – when we buy and eat food, we need to make sure that we are not being wasteful and to appreciate it; what we don’t use you can compost or recycle

The simpler the lives we lead the less polluting we are of the planet. Here are some examples of what we came up with:

  • don’t drive everywhere – ride your bike, walk if you can
  • buy second hand; don’t always buy brand new
  • give your old belongings to you siblings or a foundation or organization
  • go to a second hand store to buy used things
  • fix up old clothes like holes in your socks or pants rather than buying new ones and throwing the old ones away
  • making old clothes into cleaning clothes
  • use old socks to make sock puppets
  • take your old baby clothes and make it into a quilt (keepsake)
  • reducing what you use is better than recycling
  • grass egg cartons than plastic or styrofoam
  • asking for no straw at a restaurants – straws made out of metal that can be reused
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  1. Today we had our second fire drill. Unfortunately it wasn’t one of our best because we were much too loud. This weekend, I need to discuss with my parents the expectations that we have set when a participating in a fire drill.
  2. Bring back my year long walking form. We would like to start weekly walking the week of October 1st.
  3. Terry Fox Run pledges are due September 28th.
  4. If I have a deck of cards around the house, bring them to school in a ziploc bag.
  5. No school on Monday – Professional Learning Day for teachers.
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