Problem Solving




Problem Solving is an intellectual and creative process where students engage with challenging authentic and non-routine tasks where the path to a solution is not obvious.

Students plan, investigate and revise as they select and apply the mathematics they know. Students formulate, use and test known strategies and break down problems into a series of simpler steps as they persevere to seek solutions.

Problem Solving is the primary focus of numeracy and is a means through which students can make connections to their experiences in and out of the classroom

Doing math without being told to do math


Formulating conjectures

Test out own ideas

Formulating own questions & pursuing them

Minimal scaffolding

Contextual, Interesting, Authentic or Real-life

Generating own new ideas

Discovering patterns

Becoming own teachers

Selecting own strategies




Nrich on Problem Solving

Resources to help you develop a problem-solving approach to the teaching and learning of mathematics.

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