Student-centred teaching, basing instructional actions on students’ understanding, and then engaging students in small group learning can be very effective provided that grouping is flexible rather than fixed.

Hattie, Fisher and Frey

Visible Learning for Mathematics, (p. 227) 2017

Professional Resources

Preparing for Differentiating Instruction

Marion Small says teachers need to anticipate student responses

Focusing on Students

Marion Small outlines on the importance of independence and choice for students

Initial (Diagnostic) Assessment Strategies

Marion Small discusses how to find out what kids know so we know what comes next

Opened Ended and Parallel Tasks

Marion Small discusses differentiation

Good Questions: Great Ways to DIfferentiate Mathematics

Marion Small shows how good questions, rich and parallel tasks can be used for differentiation. Many questions to use in class.

HIgh Achieving Students

Rethinking Giftedness

A short film which explains the challenges students face when labeled as ‘gifted’ due to high achievement


NCTM Statement on Intervention