Literacy Leadership and Coaching

School literacy leaders:

  • Have a strong understanding of literacy development.
  • Work with all staff in the on-going development and implementation of quality literacy programs.
  • Provide effective supervision to support quality literacy instruction.
  • Engage in critical and collaborative dialogue.
  • Model lifelong learning and engage in continuous, deep professional learning in literacy.
  • Highlight effective research-based literacy practices.
  • Reflect on ongoing teacher literacy learning and school based leadership practices.
  • Create dynamic learning environments and foster teacher leadership and coaching strategies to sustain growth and development.
  • Create guidelines and collect, analyze, report and act on school data to support literacy for all learners.
  • Allocate resources to support implementation of quality literacy programming across the curriculum.
  • Facilitate partnerships and connect with agencies to support student literacy development.
  • Value and celebrate success.
Levers of Change

Levers of Change

Literacy Leadership Cohort/PLC Presentations

PLC Presentations

Leading Literacy Resources

Leading Literacy Resources

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A Guide to Support - ERLC

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Literacy Leadership Continuum

Literacy Leadership Continuum

Alternate Format - A Guide to Support

A Guide to Support – alternate format

Essential Conditions

Literacy Leadrship – ERLC

Ethnographer's Notes

Ethnographer’s Notes