Rocky View Schools Exhibition for Trustees – Wednesday November 16

Student Exhibitions for Trustees and Board Members to see what’s rocking in RVS

Art Display: WH Croxford Grade 10 Visual Arts Academy
– Teacher: Vern Grey

Science Demos: Heloise Lorimer Grade 7 STEAM Team
– Teacher: Jill Quirk

Indigenous Culture Projects: Heloise Lorimer Grade 3
– Teacher: Krista Wench


Sarah Thompson #UX Literacy Exhibition РThursday November 30 

Grade 5 Literacy Exhibition; students created “Locked Room” experiences, related to the books students read, then took over the gym!

Teachers: Heidi Riegel and Kristi Mackie


East Lake Architecture “Legacy” Project¬† – Monday, December 4

Grade 9 Architecture Cohort; students created architecture models.

Teachers: Jill Winters and Tyler Polson


SPARK Prototype Exhibition – Thursday December 6

The TELUS Spark Prototype Project mentors students alongside their teachers over a four month period to design, build, test and refine their own interactive science centre exhibits. Through the Design Thinking process, students explore a variety of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) concepts while immersed in a hands-on, project-based learning opportunity.

Classes Involved
– Engineering Futures


CCA Productions Celebration of Learning – Wednesday December 6

Grade 5 students created magazines and artifacts relating to the wetlands inquiry of their choice.

Teachers: Vicky Coverdale and Doreen Nyback


AE Bowers Ripples of Change – Tuesday December 12

AE Bowers students have created their own Indigenous Culture Fair to celebrate Alberta’s first peoples.

Teachers: Veronica Doyle and Julie Rodrigue


Chestermere High Celebration of Learning – Thursday December 14

Featuring Science Olympics Challenges created by students in Engineering Futures, Band and Choir concerts, culinary arts demos and tastings and various exhibitions on display.


Rocky View Productions Cohort SHOWCASE – Thursday December 14

Featuring works of students throughout the division who make/create/do awesome authentic curriculum initiatives!

Teachers: Veronica Doyle, Kendra Jewer, Kate Pike… and more…


Come check out projects that are #SeriousFun