The #UXRVS User Experience Cohort  |  Fall 2017

Students designing experiences for others to bring the curriculum to life.

Teachers will design an opportunity for their students to exhibit curricular outcomes to an authentic audience by producing a hands-on experience. Gamification and challenge-based learning will be areas of focus. Our community partner for this cohort is Mobile Escape.

Sep 18 Do the Project Day
Sep 26 Design Day
Nov/Dec Locally developed exhibitions of student work.

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The RVS Learning Design Cohorts are immersive, hands-on professional learning workshops that bring a group of teachers together to collaboratively design and implement a combined inquiry & project-based learning experience for their students.

Each design cohort features a community partner who provides authenticity and an outside-the-school connection to the learning. The PL days also offer built-in scaffolding for teachers to help them make the learning visible, as well as support with designing exhibitions to provide purpose and audience for the student learning.

A limited number of teacher spots will be available for each school, each requiring an administrator’s support.