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Collaboratively designing
opportunities for students to make, create and do things to foster innovation, collaboration and problem solving. 

September 19 – Cochrane RancheHouse

9:00 Introduction & Coffee – “What are the iconic symbols of Alberta?”

9:15 Brainstorm: What are the natural wonders of Alberta? What are the man-made symbols of Alberta? Add to the Knowledge Commons.

9:30  Elite 8 Tournament: Choose 8, rank based on community context and how it represents iconic Alberta.TrailBlazers Elite 8

9:45 iSearch Inquiry Tool: “Why we chose the icon? Who will we talk to? Where will we go? What do we need?” Share back to the group.iSearch Inquiry Tool

10:15 Exploring exemplars of narratives and soundscapes.

10:25 Explore Cochrane and Area – Cochrane Map with Points of Interest


12:0  Lunch @ Cochrane RancheHouse – provided

12:30 Head 2 Head Narration Planning Tool : Write a draft narration.

1:00  Narration Feedback and Revision – “I like… I wonder…”

1:20  The Noun Project: Creating your icon – “How to?”

2:00 Share your icon.

2:10 Icon Screening: Feedback.

2:30 Revision.

2:45 Wrap-Up and insights on the day.

3:00 Departure.


September 21- Rocky View Schools Education Centre Airdrie

08:30 Coffee and Welcome and Agenda for the Day

08:45  How to use Garageband to record our narrations

09:00 Finish writing narration and record it for the digital trail using GarageBand.

09:45 Ask and You Shall Receive – Group broadcast. Post production and editing: music, layering and exporting. Submit to

10:00 Break

10:15 Virtual Learning Walk; , Rocky View GeographicFeral Horses Inquiry

10:30 Aspirations and goals brainstorm. What would you like your students to know, do and be?

10:40 What opportunities are present in your community or curriculum that will work with this project? Make. Create. Do. – Project Pitch

11:15 Critical Friends Protocol

11:50 Introduction to our visual Instructional Design Framework

12:00 Lunch Provided: Assorted sandwiches and garden salad from Good Earth Cafe

12:45 Building your Instructional Design Template. See the Cohort Exemplar. Cut and add your Project Pitch elements to your design.

1:15 Balancing your plan: Sequence what the students will Make, Create and Do with how they will Reflect, Revise and Relate. Brainstorm community partners.

1:45 GASP – spend 5 minutes in each space.

2:15 Continued design and revision

2:40  Next Steps: booking your Design Day with your partner school and your 21C member.
– Mitford / BVHS and Jason
– Ralph McCall / Ecole Edwards and Sara
– Rainbow Creek / Bearspaw and Dan
– Banded Peak and Janelle

2:50 Teacher Interpretive Trail Exhibition

2:55 I like, I wish…


Critical Friends Instructional Design Day – TBD by Team

**You can book a half day or a full day – Please bring your Project Pitch Tool and your Instructional Design Framework**

08:30 Meet at Ed Centre, in Design Team’s home community or other relevant location

08:35 Reviewing your plan to date. Critical Friends Protocol – Big Ideas, Deliverables, Exhibition (Project Pitch Tool); “I like…” “I wonder…”

09:00 Brainstorm 3P’s – People, Places, Problems

09:30 Revision and continued planning

10:15 Exemplar / Hook – “How will you engage your students right from the start?”

10:30 Break

10:45 Timeline – choose deliverable and exhibition dates using the IDF, plot key elements in your plan

11:15 To Do list and identifying tools or assets for this unit.

11:30 Tool Time Protocol 

11:45 To Do List, Follow up Date

12:00 Departure (half day) or Lunch (full day)

Making Learning Visible Day and Planning your Exhibition – TBD By Design Team

**2nd half day or 2nd half of full day**

08:30 Meet at the Education Centre, in Design Team’s home community or other relevant location

08:35 Empathy Interview; Share your plans to date

09:00 Making Learning Visible: Who are the stakeholders in this learning and how will you make this learning visible to them?

09:15 Adding MLV elements and benchmarks to the visual instructional design.

09:30 Exhibition Ideation & Revision

09:45 Walk & Talk Protocol; 5 W’s for Exhibition

10:45 To Do List Revision – Assign MRP’s

11:00 How are you going to communicate your plan to admin? – What is their role?

11:10 Continued planning

11:45 Next Steps: Share significant dates and plans. Communication plan for admin. How might we support your initiative? What role might the learning department serve in sharing this learning to your stakeholders?

12:00 Departure or Lunch


Interpretive Trails illuminating the stories of our communities and/or ecosystems

Rocky View Interpretive Trail Grand Opening Events