Learning Design Process


The_Rocky View Learning Design process has the following phases: Discover insights and user needs- Define opportunities to focus on- Develop and Test possible solutions- Document and Share stories. This process is used at all levels of Rocky View to guide the design of learning throughout. 

Guidebooks and Workflows

We have created a number of guidebooks and workflows for the Rocky View Learning Design Process.

Below are some of the guidebooks and workflows prepared for teachers and instructional leaders to take up the process in the design of powerful interdisciplinary learning.

Learning Design Simplified Infographic

There are a variety of learning models, systems and frameworks. We’ve identified what is common among them to create this list of coaching questions to consider when designing powerful learning for your students. 

Learning Design in RVS infographic

Guide Book for Collaborative Instructional Design 

This guide book shares some ideas for a workflow for using the RVS Learning Design Process.
Print the Guidebook double sided and fold into the booklet. 

Learning Design Guidebook

Instructional Design Workbook

Download the Workbook that shares a workflow for using the RVS Learning Design Process for teachers.


Instructional Design One Pager

A One-Pager placemat for using the RVS Design Process in your lesson planning or jotting down a quick idea for a learning design.

design process one pager

Innovators are Artists Example Guidebook

This resource was used to guide teachers through a design process to Discover and Define what art means to them and to Develop and Document their own journeys in creating powerful photography. 


Leading Instructional Design in Rocky View requires a toolkit of resources to help support Instructional Leadership.

Resources and tools to facilitate the conditions for collaboration and innovation.

Follow our Journey in Leading Instructional Design and Instructional Leadership in Rocky View Through our Agendas below or through the tab above.

We use collaborative processes and tools to facilitate the design of engaging and meaningful curricular projects. We strive for 100% Student Engagement and 100% Student Success.