9:00 – 9:15 Introduction to the Superintendent Working Committee
– Briefing of SWC roles & responsibilities in context of 4YP

9:20 Review RVS Idea Quest Data
– What we heard? What global strategies themes emerged and what were the research processes employed in the analysis of the data.

10:15-11:00 Newsroom Protocol & Strategy “Sketching”

  • Divide into smaller groups – Newsroom Protocol
  • Share and contribute to the graphic
  • Interview Questions:
    • What connections do you see between the strategy & the outcomes?
    • What about this strategy is working well in your school?
    • What has been tricky (or absent)?
  • Consolidate interview findings onto the graphic

Return to Group  to discuss and consolidate finding into graphic

  • Put up your stickies, organize, theme, discuss


Reflection on White Board

  • What’s missing or needs clarification
  • What questions and Insights have emerged? 
  • Add to I like, I wonder


Finish Blue boxes and begin Greens


Pair & Share

  • Find a friend to bring back to your poster 
  • offer feedback and critique


Revision: Stickies to Sharpies

  • review your stickies and choose what to make permanent on your board


Targeting the Outcomes 

  • “score” your big ideas against the outcomes

Draft Pitch

Include a title, HWM statement and 2-3 sentences clarifying pitch

  • Support this strategy
  • Collect evidence of this strategy
  • What might we expect to see?
  • Identify and leverage syngeries


2:15 – 3:00 Gallery Walk and Exit Pass Feedback