Story Studio Workshops  

Story Studio Workshops are designed as opportunities to make and create stories with purpose and audience. Practice the habits of authentic storytellers and learn to use professional tools to engage others. Make learning visible by sharing your stories publicly through print, digital and multimedia publishing.  


Pre-Production Agenda // May 1, 2018

Today’s Story Studio features a group of fifteen fifth-eighth graders from Meadowbrook Middle School and their teacher. They are on a week long experiential journey to make commercial-style films with vendors at a local mall including Apple, Zoomiez and Sport Chek. In the agenda today, the young filmmakers are investigating exemplars of cinematic storytelling and beginning the pre-production process. Their deliverables include a Story Pitch, a Script and the Storyboards for a one-minute commercial for one of the vendors. Their final films will be shared publicly on their school YouTube Channel.

09:00am    Welcome and Introduction

09:15am    What is Cinema?

10:00am    Write your story.

10:30am    Break.

10:45am    Peer Critique & Revision

11:00am    Write your script.

11:30am    Peer Critique & Revision

11:45pm    Lunch

12:30pm    Draw your storyboards.

01:15pm    Peer Critique & Revision.

01:30pm    Preparing for your shoot.

02:00pm    Dismiss to the bus.


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