Story Studio Workshops

Story Studio Workshops are designed as opportunities to make and create stories with purpose and audience. Practice the habits of authentic storytellers and learn to use professional tools to engage others. Make learning visible by sharing your stories publicly through print, digital and multimedia publishing.  

Professional Learning Day Agenda  |  May 18, 2018

This Story Studio is designed for the staff of A.E. Bowers School. We investigate exemplars of storytelling for print, digital and multimedia publishing. Our deliverable is to create a plan to inspire, create and exhibit storytelling in our classrooms. 

01    Everything is Storytelling is Everything

02    Inspire | Create | Exhibit

03    Design a Publishing Project


Story Studio

Tools for Storytelling

The Writing Process
How To Make Pro Videos on an iPad
How To Take Pro Photos
How To Publish with Your Students
How To Make a Learning Story
How To Launch Your Digital Portfolio