Girls in STEAM

Big Idea: There is a lack of female representation in STEAM in our classrooms and STEAM careers. Girls in STEAM is professional learning for students and teachers that aims to devise ways to encourage girls to get and stay interested in the fields of STEAM.


  • Bias to Action
  • Fail Forward
  • Everyone participants


Collaborate with community partner

Understand how to make a good STEAM challenge

Work collaboratively to create solutions to challenges


1 hour Challenge

Entry into


8:30 Arrival and Coffee

8:45 Intros, Proof that Change is happening, evidence in Rocky View, Design for the day

9:00 Paper bag challenge

9:15 Introduction to the Design Process-what did you notice about your paper bag challenge? How did you start?

9:30 Community Partner Introductions & Empathy Interviews

9:45 Design a 1 hour Challenge

10:45 Check in. At this time, consider… timeline, done is better than perfect, feedback from another team in 30 minutes

11:15 Critical Friends

11:45 Consider your feedback and post to

12:00 Lunch

12:30 Choose a challenge to complete, post your solution to 2023 by Design

1:30 Add video and photos to your challenge

2:00 Thank you to community partners & Adios