Receive feedback from staff stakeholders toward the development of a shared school vision and narrative.

Driving Questions

How might we enhance our current and future practices as designers of powerful learning opportunities for students?


Draft themes for a new school vision/narrative

Shared staff awareness and participation in the design process

Reflection and Ideation for the PL Committee’s next steps

Brainstorm list of People, Places and Programs that could inspire our work (education and analogous contexts)

Agenda: May 17, 2019

8:30 Networking and Coffee

9:00 Setting the stage:
– Introductions
– Big Ideas, Goals, Deliverables for the day.

9:10 Terms of Reference

9:30 Table Group Photo Sort, theming and titleing

10:00 Theme Consolidation

10:10 Coffee Break and Gallery walk

10:30 Theme Teams:
– Word Cloud
– Working Well
– Gaps and Opportunities
– Evidence and Measures

11:15 Gallery Walk
– 1/2 of your team stay, 1/2 Gallery walk
– Dotmocracy the terms or phrases that resonate with you
– Feedback around their graphic: +, -, delta.