• Be Fully Present
  • Assume a Beginner’s Mindset for the work. Park your title, be open-minded, empathetic, and Channel your inner Roy Group coach and coachee.
  • Fierce Collaboration: Lean in, get creative, embrace discomfort and have an awareness of your role in creating an engaging atmosphere.
  • Make, Create, Do
  • We use processes and protocols that help us to be collaborative and creative together.

Big Idea: The Rocky View Learning Department supports teachers and leaders who have innovative ideas that re-imagine the possibilities for learning and provides opportunities for them to connect with each other to collaborate on current initiatives and inspire new ones.

Driving Questions: How might we develop engaging and authentic school based initiatives that help advance the goals in the RVS 4 year plan?
What opportunities exist in Rocky View for collaboration, community partnership and innovation?
Who will I need to support this initiative and in what ways?

Goals: To flesh out your innovative idea, and to share it to receive feedback for revision. Solidify your vision and package it so it can be shared with others.

A succinct caption explaining your idea.
A visual learning journey sketching the benchmarks along the way.
A Stakeholder Map identifying important stakeholder groups and their relationship to the project.

May 11, 2018 Agenda (Upstairs Half Hitch Brewery) 

8:45am Introductions.

9:00am Empathy Interview 
– Capture notes about your partner’s idea.
– Idea // Impact // Key Features

9:15am Caption development: Draft 3 captions for your partner’s idea.

9:20am Review the draft captions from your partner and refine or rewrite your own caption. Publish it to your poster.

9:30am Pitch Tool: Brainstorm your big ideas, points of interest, and deliverables.

10:30am P3 Protocol: Crowd Source Community partners & add your Stakeholders.

10:45am Illustrated Learning Journey: Plot your Points of Interest and any experiences and reflections that might form the learning journey.

11:30am Critical Friends Protocol: Share your caption and the essential details from your Pitch Tool. Share where you are at and what might be tricky…
Partner/s Feedback: (Keeping in Mind their Caption as a possible lens for feedback)
– I like…
– Hey have you heard of….?
– Some things I heard that are important and exciting

12:00pm Revision and continued design time.

12:45pm Stakeholder Mapping: Who are the stakeholders.
To do list and next steps….
Exit Pass

1:00 pm Appetizers & fellowship.