Big Idea

A shared vision will provide us the end from which to design.

Driving Question

What do we want in the hearts and minds of our students when they leave our program?


Utilize design thinking tools to co-construct a common vision for our program.


  1. A co-created set of student outcomes to design our program around.
  2. A myriad of prototypes for how our program might be designed to facilitate the student outcomes.



Risk Taking

Be Fully Present

Creative Commons

Learn from Failure


Make | Create | Do

Embrace Ambiguity

Assume a Beginners Mindset


Iterate, Iterate, Iterate


8:45am Meet and Introduction- Review Big Idea, Driving Question, Goal and Deliverables

9:00am  Empathy Interview: A democratic protocol that is designed to engage reflection and generate insights into what we really want for students.

9:45am Campus Tour with Q and A

10:45am Share insights and theme

11:00am Ideation and Drive back to Airdrie

11:45am Developing Essential and Driving Question

12:15pm Lunch

Next Steps:
I Wish Collaborative Ideation: A protocol to generate practical ways to facilitate the outcomes we want for student
Stokeholder Map
Illustrated Learning Journey