Big Idea

The work of the Learning Department is varied and diverse, yet we all strive to improving learning for our students and teachers.

Driving Questions

How might we create the conditions for meaningful teaching and learning by collaborative design and reflection?
How might we adapt teaching and learning at Sarah Thompson to reflect ever-changing needs of students and society?


To collaborate and co-reflect on how our students future might be different from our past and what this might mean in co-constructing our learning environment.. 


3:00pm Introduction and agenda

3:05pm  Norms: these are our ground rules for collaboration
This gets us:
– to enter a collaborative workshop mindset
– to consider new habits of mind for our work together
– shared beliefs about what makes effective and productive collaboration. 

3:10pm Priming the engine with WHY does it matter?
This gets us:
– to envision what learning could look like
– to reflect upon what we need to prepare students for

3:20pm  Jigsaw and share: What stands out to you? Surprises? Wonders?
This gets us to:
– to share common experiences to create a mutual understanding

3:40pm  Self-directed PL

*Find the full articles for the Jigsaw below

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