Driving Questions

How does the RVS Narrative resonate with you and your experience in RVS?

What kinds of experiences would you hope for as schools and classrooms give students more opportunities to innovate, connect, achieve, and navigate?

What are some experiences or opportunities you have had in school already to innovate, connect, achieve and navigate?

What are your suggestions or critical feedback?


Student feedback on the Narrative

Student feedback on the ICAN goals

Student feedback and reflection on the LEARN Design Principles

Agenda: February 6, 2019

9:30am Introductions: Angela Spanier RVS Communications, Greg Luterbach RVS Superintendent, Dave Morris RVS Associate Superintendent of Learning, Josh Hill UofC Researcher/Collaborator, Jason Ness and Dan McWilliam RVS Divisional Leaders of Innovation and Design.

9:40am Sharing the RVS Narrative https://youtu.be/TdHVrFnGuoc

9:45am Divide Group

Group A: L.E.A.R.N. Report Card.
– In table groups discuss the Design Principles and ascribe a grade along a continuum for each
– Which principles need more attention than others? Which are more important to you? If we were to live these words at the ‘Mastery’ level, how would the experience of school change?

Group B: Innovators CAN
– In groups discuss what resonated or surprised you in the narrative video?
– Using the poster graphic, contribute your feedback to each of the reflective questions toward our ICAN goals for the upcoming 4 year plan.

10:15am Switch activities

10:30am Thank you from Greg Luterbach

10:35am Resume RVSLA agenda