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Join the creative fellowship formed by dynamic educators who want to design and actualize an innovative vision for learning. The Design Commons fosters a culture of creativity, and it showcases RVS Teachers and Leaders in their innovative practices. It provides opportunities for people to collaborate on current initiatives and inspire new ones. Scroll down for a closer look at the Fellowship of learning designers in Rocky View Schools.


Fall Design Commons

October 24, 2018-
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Winter Design Commons

January 24, 2019-
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Spring Design Commons

May 9, 2019-
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Ripples of Change

Building relationships between our learners and Indigenous community. Through authentic experiences we are taking steps towards reconciliation.

Ripples of Change Twitter

Veronica Doyle and Julie Rodrigue

A.E. Bowers

Global Encounters

Global Encounters is a high school program that is designed to create leaders of tomorrow. It takes students out of their comfort zones and engages them in the real world.

Global Encounters
Global Encounters Blog
Global Encounters Twitter
Multimedia Link 

Ryan Haggarty

George MacDougall High School

Forest School

Giving children engaging opportunities to connect, interact and play with and in nature through exploration, discovery, through exploration, discovery, inquiry and curriculum connections while inspiring a sense of stewardship for their environment and creating a sense of wellness.

Blog to come!

Meredith Carter and Lisa Marie Labossiere

Cavalier Music Academy

Our mission is to provide those students who wish to learn music in high school an immersive, comprehensive, contemporary musical experience in keeping with the principles of High School Redesign.

Cavalier Music Academy’s Website
Luke’s Twitter

Luke Sandham

W.H. Croxford High School


Connecting Grade 4 students with their community to enhance and enrich learning.

Grade 4 Blog
Andrew’s Twitter

Andrew Doyle

Ralph McCall School

Project JOY
(formerly Alberta Inspired)

Students learning and telling the stories of impactful people in their communities.

Kendra’s Twitter

Kendra Jewer

Herons Crossing School

Engineering Futures

Using the Building Futures model, the students will experience their humanities courses and math/science curriculum through two extremely dedicated teachers. The format will also allow these grade ten students to complete their CALM and Physical Education requirements before moving into grade 11.

Engineering Future’s Twitter
Scott’s Twitter

Sara Douglas & Scott Seland

Chestermere High School

Project W.I.L.D.

WILD (wisdom inquiry learning doing). 21st century learning is about exposure to real life connections, developing a knowledge of your local environment, developing a sense of place, blending technology with hands-on experiences; this is what we will be doing in the WILD grade 8 class.

Project WILD’s Video Playlist

Project WILD’s Twitter



Nancy Pollard

Manachaban Middle School

Awakening Passions

Ignite students passions through purposeful opportunities for exploration and taking risks to empower confidence, courage and a stronger sense of self.

Lunch Box Talks Video
Awakening Passions 2015-2016 Celebration Video
Awakening Passions Twitter
Amber’s Twitter

Teacher Team:
Amber Mrak
Geeta Behal
Janet Chapman
Kerri James
Dwayne Russ
Angele Schiltz

Amber Mrak

Prairie Waters School

Community Matters – Helping Hands & Caring Hearts

We are students working together to understand what creates social injustice and what it looks like in Airdrie. We will lend a hand to build links and create change in the heart of our community.
Project Founders: Jennifer Yersh & Amanda Russell

News Article About Community Matters
Jennifer’s Twitter

Amanda Russell

Airdrie École Middle School

Alberta from the Ground Up

Exploring Alberta’s innovative use of its natural resources for sustainability.

Lynn’s Twitter

Lynn Moore & Jander Talen

Cochrane High School

Community Engagement

Grade 5 Blog
5T’s Twitter
Adam’s Twitter


Adam Turner

Prairie Waters School


How do games play a role in connecting people?
How do games foster community?

Alison’s Twitter

Alison Turner

C.W. Perry School

Business Futures

Engaging students in acquiring skills that matter in the real world through starting a small business.

Mark’s Twitter

Mark Turner

W.H. Croxford High School

Building Futures Airdrie

Learn home building from the ground up, start your own business, become a better you… All while you’re getting your high school education.
Project Founders: Greg Rankin & Jarett Hooper

Building Futures with McKee Homes Video
Building Futures Airdrie Video
Building Futures Twitter
Mark’s Twitter
Erica’s Twitter

Erica Rozema & Mark Turner

W.H. Croxford High School

Building Futures Cochrane

Learn home building from the ground up, start your own business, become a better you… All while you’re getting your high school education.

Building Futures Cochrane Video
Building Future’s Twitter
Matt’s Twitter

Matt Chomistek & Monty Smith

Bow Valley High School

Administration for School Change

Kristina’s Twitter
Ryan’s Twitter

Ryan Siemens & Kristina Rentz

Prairie Waters School

The Ignite Project

Supporting young female leaders through authentic learning experiences to foster self-realization and self-actualization.

Jade’s Twitter

Nikki Johnston & Jade Chausse

W.H. Croxford High School

Learning Commons

Lynette’s Twitter

Lynette LePan-Smith

Springbank Middle School

Developing a Culture of Risk Taking

Scott Woodward

Kathyrn School

Life – Version 2.1

Acquiring authentic life skills to become an individual who is actively engaged in the modern, relevant and diverse facets of being globally, socially, civically and economically responsible citizens. 


Parke Roberts

Langdon School


Reimagining an environment where learning is defined by exchange. In this environment we will nurture understanding that we share place, knowledge and responsibility.

XChange Blog
XChange Video
Scott’s Twitter

Scott Bailey, Craig Churchill, Kim Kendal & Clint Ellard

Banded Peak School

Curricular Arcs

Brendan’s Twitter

Brendan Trinca

Glenbow Elementary School

Blended Learning

Heather’s Twitter

Heather Fansher

RVS Online Learning

Craig Churchill

Banded Peak School

Guiding Futures

A cross-curricular humanities / outdoor environmental education program that immerses students in both the curriculum and the outdoors, with the goal of building connections among student, their communities, the environment and the curriculum.


Ryan Haggerty

George McDougall High School


Student leaders navigating the water challenges of our world.

YouTube – 2015
YouTube – 2014
Janelle’s – Twitter

Janelle Phillips & Krista Wunsch

Mitford School


Innovation happens when we connect!  Supporting youth as engaged, collaborative, and innovative citizens as they connect through creativity.

Alison’s – Twitter

Alison Turner

Muriel Clayton Middle School

a Quest for Promoting Curiosity

Promoting curiosity by making learning real, visible and for everyone.

Susan’s – Twitter

Susan Rudakoff

Glenbow Elementary School