Designing Powerful Learning

Big Ideas and Driving Questions

  • How might we design learning with our staff that is engaging, meaningful and reflective?
  • What is the Rocky View Learning Design process and how can we structure design opportunities for our staff?
  • Walking the Walk: using the learner competencies in our own professional learning and collaborative interactions.Community Topics Might Include…Instructional design, interdisciplinary design, meaningful curriculum implementation, teacher collaboration, staff culture, PDLC, SEP, and PL planning for your staff.

October 16, 2018

Leading as a Learner

1:00pm Welcome and Introductions

1:10pm Knowledge Commons: How we learn…

1:20pm Design something useful and meaningful for your partner. (pdf booklet)

2:00pm What themes in education are you currently pursuing as a learner? What are some of the elements in your personal professional learning plan?

2:10pm I Need Collaborative Brainstorm. Identify a Learning Need or priority area of interest

2:35pm X, Y Sort

2:50pm Illustrate Your Learning Journey

3:15pm Walk and Talk: How can use our remaining Connected Communities opportunities? What would you like to tackle on January 15?

3:30pm Post your thoughts, Gallery Walk and sort.

3:45pm To be continued…

JANUARY 15, 2019

Designing Engaging, Meaningful and Reflective Professional Learning. (PDF Booklet)

1:30 Meet at Good Earth in Taylor Family Digital Library at the University of Calgary for a site visit

 1:45 Taylor Family Library Learning Walk

2:15 Schulich School of Engineering Learning Walk to the EEEL Building

3:15 Debrief at the Hunter Hub for Entrepreneurial Thinking and departure


MARCH 12, 2019

1:00pm Review our Learning Journey to Date

Learning Design Plan your school’s PL process for the year (both rear view and what’s ahead). Experiences vs. Reflections

1:15pm Reflect on your design of Personal professional learning

1:30pm Reflect on your school’s PL Plan: Map some of the areas that you think might need to be amplified & diminished. Consider the LEARN principles & Jurisdictional Strategies. How are these currently living? How might they in the future? What are your school’s key priorities? Equalizer Tool

1:40pm Pair and Share Equalizer Tool

2:00pm March 18 and May 17 Pitch Tool

2:20pm LEARN Survey: Highlight and discuss opportunities

2:40pm Exit Pass: Synergies, I wish.., Challenges, and Professional Learning Needs

MAY 07, 2019

Moving forward together. Designing as a Learner, system as learner, community as learner.