Collaboratively designing opportunities for students to work with experts in their community to collect data and analyze evidence toward solving real problems.

October 1- Field Experience Day: Dress for the weather.

09:00 Arrive and Introduction

09:30  What is the Story of this Place?

10:45  Knowledge Commons: Saturate, Sort and theme

11:15  Community Ideation: What do we know about our area of Rocky View?

11:30  Develop note taking template organizer for listening to storytelling.

12:00 Lunch Provided

12:30 Elder Storytelling

1:30  Identify Point/s of Interest that connects to story and local school area.

2:00  Plan pitch- Feedback – Select

2:45  Declaration tool: Concept- Rationale and Sign Sketch

3:15 Departure


September 21- Rocky View Schools Education Centre Airdrie

08:30 Welcome and Agenda for the Day

08:45 Listening to Podcast Exemplars

09:15 Storyboard Inspired by selected podcast style

09:45 Critique and Revision

10:00 Podcast script development

10:30 Coffee

10:45 Partner Critique and Revision

11:10 Record Voice Track, Post Production and Publishing to mp3: Music, backing, and style

12:00 Lunch Provided

12:30 Sign Design: Develop 3 Alternative designs for your sign

1:00  Choose a design, visual asset collection: Noun Project, your Sketchbook 

1:45 Critique and Revision

2:30 Publishing the jpeg image to the Google Folder.

3:00  Next Steps: Critical Friend Design Day

Critical Friends Instructional Design Day- Airdrie Education Centre

08:30 Meeting in either dLab or Learning Commons in the Learning Department

08:45 Authenticity Brainstorm

09:15 Developing your Big Idea and Inquiry Question for your class, community and/or curriculum.

09:45 Critical Friends Protocol

10:15  Break

10:45 RVS Instructional Design Framework introduction and personalization

11:15 Defining the Inquiry steps toward an Inquiry Deliverable

12:00 Lunch Provided

12:45 PBL Deliverable and developing the project steps

1:30 Documentation, Assessment and Communication

2:15 Critique and Revision: Gallery Walk the other projects. Give, Ask, Steal Protocol 

2:30 Project Revision

3:00 Next Steps: To Do list, communication with your administration,

Making Learning Visible Day and Planning your Exhibition

08:45 Empathy Interview sharing the learning story of your Trail Blazers project

09:15 Developing your Learning Story podcast script for your trailhead

10:00 Sharing your script draft with your interview partner

10:30 Break

11:00 Recording your trailhead learning story podcast

11:45 Publishing your mp3 and Google Earth Intro and practice

12:15 Lunch

12:45 Creating paths and markers in Google Earth to map your trail (adding podcast media to Google Markers and exporting the kmz)

1:45 Lucid Press: Building your trailhead sign.

2:15 Gallery Walk and Feedback

2:45 Publishing and planning your exhibition. Stakeholder Mapping

3:15 Next Steps:


Permanent Trail Marker Signs illuminating the story of our communities or ecosystems

Rocky View Interpretive Trail Grand Opening Events