Driving Questions

How might we enhance our current and future practices as designers of powerful learning opportunities for students?


Expand the space of the possible for the redesign of the Learning Commons space at RJ Hawkey through site visits.

Develop insight statements and a draft vision for the learning we hope to amplify through the design of the space.

Design a plan of action for bringing the vision, ideas and potential sketches to staff on the February 5 staff meeting.

Agenda: January 17, 2019

8:15 Meet at Airdrie Good Earth

8:45 Tour Heron’s Crossing Learning Commons

9:45 Tour Ecole Edwards Learning Commons

10:30 tour Cooper’s Crossing Learning Commons

11:15 Debrief Insights from the tours to develop the vision

11:30 Sketch wants, needs and ideas for the physical space to share with staff as exemplars.