Learning Design Stories

Making a process visible makes a practice reflect-able.  

John Maeda

Designer & Technologist

RVS Learning Yearbook

This series of videos takes a fun look What Learning Looks Like through dozens of projects, inquiries and learning designs that RVS students and teachers engage in every year.


These locally-produced “RockyDocs” are short films that share some of the learning stories in Rocky View Schools. Explore these films for themes of student engagement and learning design. Share them at staff meetings, with students and on social media!

RVS Learning Stories

These films are produced by teachers about the learning that takes place every day in their classrooms. Take a close look at how these educators create the conditions for engaging students in making, creating and doing things that matter.


These video series feature over two hundred presentations by RVS students, teachers and leaders on a range of subjects and themes. These talks Make Learning Visible across the grades and curricula.

Student Showcase

These RVS students from across the grades make wonderful videos, documentaries, animations, and stop motions, too!

Rocky View Studio

Create and share stories with your students that have purpose and audience and demonstrate student agency. Practice storytelling in all grades and across all curricula in digital and print. #RockyViewStudio #MakingLearningVisible #EveryoneCanCreate #InquireCreateExhibit