Making a process visible makes a practice reflect-able.  

John Maeda

Designer & Technologist

RVS Stories

These locally-produced “RockyDocs” are short films that share some of the learning stories in Rocky View Schools. Explore these films for themes of student engagement and learning design. Share them at staff meetings, with students and on social media!

Want to make stories yourself and with your students?

Educational Collections

Each of these are full of educational and interdisciplinary titles that you will find useful for yourself, your peers and your students. Click on the images to visit the sites.

National Film Board

Teachers in RVS can create a free account for NFB Campus for Education. Thousands of films, great search tools and piles of resources.


The famous TED-Talks animated, organized and embellished with resources for education.


Accessing the Kanopy Catalogue of Educational films is free for members of a library (college, university, or public).

Global Oneness

The Global Oneness Project is full of quality stories from around the globe, and their site contains excellent resources for the classroom.

RVS YouTube Channel

The Rocky View Schools YouTube Channel is a rich source of stories from teachers, students and classrooms around the district. Dozens of films that illuminate our shared experiences in education.

Global Cinema

Here are a few world class feature length documentary stories that we recommend for viewing and discussion. These are award winning films from other cultures and contexts that inspire us through their universal themes. Highly recommended!

Beyond Measure

Beyond Measure

Beyond Measure | 80min | USA, 2015   This is a powerful film for educators to experience together, because it provokes such interesting discussion. Rocky View Schools has an Institutional Copy of the DVD of this film, which means that you can borrow it and show it in...

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Being & Becoming

Being and Becoming | 101min | France, 2014 Being and Becoming explores the theme of trusting children and their development, and invites us to question our learning paradigms and options. The filmmaker takes us on a journey of discovery through the US, France, the UK...

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Small Things Big Things

Small Things Big Things | 66 min | India, 2014   OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Hot Docs Canada/ Visions du Reel/ Lahore International Childrens Festival/ Children Film Festival Bangladesh This film is a brief 66 minutes, and it's gorgeous. The tagline is "When education...

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School Life

School Life | 99min | UK, 2016   In Europe the film is called "In Loco Parentis", with good reason. Teachers at a boarding school are much more than teachers to these kids. So, if you're looking for a story about lives dedicated to Education, then this one, set in old...

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