12:00-12:20 Lunch and Chat

December 5 and Idea Quest Reflection 

What happened? What’s next? How might we use this data to inform our work? 

Visit Chaordix and offer feedback to ideas provided by teachers. Do you see a place for your expertise in the feedback? How can you help actualize these ideas? 


12:20-12:40 Review Feedback maintaining momentum  


12:45- 1:45 Planning your next RVS Connected Communities  

With feedback fresh in your mind, what are your plans for the next session? Pitch your plans for session two. Intro to the learning design process.

Don’t forget to add any digital assets to Moodle  


1:45-2:00 Feedback/GASP 


2:00-2:30 December 5 Gala feedback to the design team. 

Make your work visible. How will you share your work on December 5? Discuss with your department. Come up with a plan to share. Post to the Board


Reflect on Oct 5th and RVS Connected Communities Session. Plan for the second session. 


Pitch for session two. Plan for sharing work at the December 5 Gala.