Big Idea

We all have a role in the visioning of our school through collaborative design and reflection.

Driving Questions

What were our previous priorities, how did it go, how do we know?
What are our priorities as outlines from the discover phase?
What are some things we might try this year toward these?
How might we make our work visible to inspire and inform our stakeholders?


Looking back to consolidate and summarize the findings of the Discovery phase.
Define the priority areas of our school for the 2019-20 year.

August 29, 2019 Agenda

8:00am  Networking with snacks
8:30am  Introduction to Design Team
8:45am  Empathy interview with reflection in past priorities and prototypes. 
9:00am  Share out to whole group
9:20am  Deep dive
Ideation and World Cafe
Vote for your favourites
Pitch a promising prototype
Share out
11:00am  Walk and talk