Big Idea: Making is about finding and inventing innovative solutions to creative problems.

Driving Questions: What constitutes a ‘good’ maker challenge or creative problem to solve?
What is the design cycle or workflow in approaching a design challenge, where does the Making come in?


Deliverables: A shared belief about the importance of Making, Creating and Doing things that matter.

May 30, 2017 Agenda

8:45am Introduction: Agenda

9:00am Challenge: Design a Maker Space for designing and fabricating cardboard prototypes.
– Gather your supplies and outfit your area.

9:30am Gallery Walk and Feedback

9:45am Time to improve your design based on testing and feedback.

10:15am Challenge Cycle 1: Choose one of the posted design challenges in 30 minutes.

10:45am Coffee and gallery walk.

11:00am Challenge Cycle 2: Choose one of the posted design challenges in 30 minutes.

11:30pm Critical Friends Protocol

11:45am Time to improve your design

12:00pm Pizza Lunch

12:45pm Design a ~30 minute challenge for your school (students and/or staff, or some segment therein) Draft challenge headings:

1:15pm Issue your challenge to another team as you would your audience.

1:30pm Design Time

2:00pm Sharing and feedback on both the designs, and the challenges issued.

2:30pm Team design time

3:00pm Pack up Maker supplies
Exit Pass: Next steps in your school

3:15pm Departure