May 16, 2018- Agenda

8:45am Introduction Review the engagement work to date and goal for the today.

8:55am What is a narrative?
Looking at exemplars:
– Alberta Ministerial Order on Student Learning
Cooper’s Crossing
CW Perry
Coquitlam School Division’s Inquiry Hub School
– Bright Works
Rainforest Alberta
Ted Talks

9:15am Who we Are World Cafe.
– Describe the people this avatar represents?
– Stakeholder Avatar Process: Different Stakeholders represented, develop adjectives, adverbs, and aspirations for each.
– Be, Do, Become
– Rotate, Read and Contribute

10:30am Coffee

10:45am How we create the conditions for ‘who we want to be’
– Chart paper with each avatar:
– Pull out for episodes of stakeholder round table series

12:00pm Lunch Provided

12:30pm Sort insights and identify emerging themes

1:00pm Identify the themes and describe them.

2:00pm Share your narrative and receive feedback for your project.
– What media, what engagement lanes?

2:15pm To do list and next steps….Communications Department Q and A.

2:30pm Exit Pass and Departure


  • Be Fully Present
  • Assume a Beginner’s Mindset for the work. Park your title, be open-minded, empathetic, and Channel your inner Roy Group coach and coachee.
  • Fierce Collaboration: Lean in, get creative, embrace discomfort and have an awareness of your role in creating an engaging atmosphere.
  • Make, Create, Do
  • We use processes and protocols that help us to be collaborative and creative together.