Big Ideas

Powerful learning design scaffolds students to transfer and building understanding by connecting concepts built on a foundation of topical exploration as they create new and original high quality deliverables to share with an authentic audience.

Concepts transcend curricular topics and facts.

Concepts are abstract, universal and timeless.

Driving Questions

How might we engage with the new curriculum with teachers and leaders to mitigate fears or anxiety around the change?

What will we need to learn or do to become the learning specialist experts who are able to support teachers and leaders potentially faced with a new curriculum, or faced with evolving teacher practice generally?

How might we enhance our current and future practices as designers of powerful learning opportunities for students?


Firsthand exploration of designing learning with a Concept based Curriculum

Collaborative development of workshop and processes for instructional design and leadership.

Conversation between specialists within the learning department


Agenda for the March 22 Specialists meeting

Agenda for an RVS Workshop for teachers and leaders

A planning tool for Concept, essential and driving questions, Literacy and numeracy outcomes, inclusive practices, and assessment.

Follow up date to review and revise process

Agenda: March 14

9:00 Terms of Reference or Design Brief
– What is the role of this committee and what will we produce?
– What are the timeframes for the project?
– Who else is doing this work that we could learn from or collaborate with?

9:15 The Basics
– What have we learned so far? What synergies or current initiatives already align?
– What are the different components when designing in a Concept Based Curriculum?
– Facts – Topics – Curricula – Concepts – Learning

9:30 Try it
– Given a class profile and community in Rocky View, design a concept based unit that aligns with the curriculum and the Rocky View design principles and Learning Model.
– In 2 groups, collaborate to develop the unit keeping in mind the students, community, and design elements.

9:50 Reflect and Revise

10:00 Agenda creation for March 22 as a dry run for the voluntary RVS Teacher and Leader workshops to follow. 

10:30 Adjourn