May 1, 2018 (click for prezi) 

8:30am Coffee and Networking

8:45am Welcome to Herons Crossing, Introduction and agenda

9:00am Review and discussion of Norms (developed April 24)
– Table talk about the process, Norms and which one/s you might focus on today.
– Anything we should keep front of mind in the process of visioning for our next four year plan?
– Develop any new norms for working together

9:15am Who inspires education? Who inspires us?
– Table yap and post to knowledge commons

9:45am Quote Curation. Select, organize and present a quote that shares our collective beliefs about the role of education, leadership, or otherwise that will inspire us throughout the visioning process. Adobe Spark Post.

“For people open to their message, well-structured messages that use strong imagery and appeal to our aspirational nature can be meaningful and powerful in changing our thinking and helping us see something in ourselves that we want to change or overcome.”  Jonathan Fader (Gwen Moran)

10:15am Coffee

10:30am Empathy Interviews

11:30am Gallery Walk & Walk and Talk  

12:00pm Lunch Box Talks: Lunch with Herons Crossing staff

12:45pm Developing Point of View Statements

1:15pm Critical friends protocol
– make sure it’s STUDENTS first 🙂

1:30pm Refine and revise

1:45pm Share your insights

2:15pm Inspiration Ideation

2:30pm Feedback and Next Steps

3:00pm Departure