Big Idea: The Rocky View Learning Department supports teachers and leaders who have innovative ideas and provides opportunities for them to collaborate on current initiatives and to inspire new ones.

Driving Questions

How are spaces being designed in Calgary to motivate and inspire learners?

What do you observe about the Activities, Environment, Interactions, Objects and Users in the spaces?

What are some prototypes we might try in the learning commons to amplify collaboration, creativity, passion…?


Learn about and tour The Children’s Reading Place and the new Calgary Central Library

Share experiences and ideas with fellow learning commons facilitators.

Explore new ideas for leading a learning commons to inspire the learning community.


Participants will leave with:

  • AEIOU Observations and insights from the site visits.
  • Collaborative Reflections on Practice through the Empathy Interview
  • A list of innovative prototypes to try in our learning commons
  • An action plan for trying one of the prototypes; including how we will know it’s working.


8:30am Carpool Meet Up for those interested at Beacon Hill Costco Parking Lot.
Address: 11588 Sarcee Trail NW, Calgary, AB T3R 0A1

9:15am Meet at Childrens’ Reading Place Address: 922 8 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0M3
– Sharing the narrative for this space. How is this space “The Third Teacher” 
“We must ask ourselves what values we want to communicate through our environments and how we want children to experience their time in our programs.”
“What does this environment “teach” those who are in it? How is it shaping the identity of those who spend long days there?”

11:00am Walk and Talk tour of the Calgary Central Library

12:00pm Lunch: Bring a Picnic and Enjoy the +10 weather

12:30pm Meet in the Idea Lab
– Empathy Interview: Thinking about your Learning Commons as a Third Teacher. What is working well? What is Tricky? What would you like to try?

12:45pm Developing exciting prototypes for the learning commons. What would we like to see more of? What would it look like? What could we try in order to amplify this in the space? How will we keep an eye on it to know if it’s working or needs iteration?

1:30pm Critique and Revision

2:00pm Sharing and Networking