Big Idea

Engaging students through meaningful and challenging experiences that matter to themselves and their communities.

Driving Question

How can we connect the big ideas from our curricula with authentic, real-world opportunities and resources from our community?


Share insights and reflections on our site visit to Connect Charter School, and design new opportunities for Manachaban.



Connect Charter School

School Website

Blog: “The goal of this blog is twofold: to share the work we design for our students and to connect with other educators, and find meaningful opportunities for collaboration and sharing.”

YouTube Series “Inquiry Lives Here” This video series showcases work that happens at Connect Charter School. We are committed to providing our students with innovative, authentic, and engaging learning experiences.



08:45am Meet at Connect Charter School in SW Calgary

09:00am  School tour and Q & A with Assistant Principal Scott Petronech

11:00am Departure

11:45am Lunch Debrief Reflections and Insights

1:00pm Sharing insights and adding insights to the d.Schools graphic

1:15pm Update on initiatives, review d.School graphic 

1:35pm Revise prototypes

2:00pm Partner Sharing Prototype plans: I like, I wonder

2:30pm Next Steps:
– Timeline prototype testing, documentation and reflection.
– MRPs
– Next Meeting

3:00pm Departure