Big Idea

The design of this opportunity is to collaboratively reflect on our practice through site visits where the themes of maker spaces, learning commons culture and learning by doing are being explored. 

Driving Question

How might we develop spaces and instructional design where students make, create and do things that matter to themselves and their communities?


Utilize design thinking tools to meaningful collaborate, create new knowledge and connect our networks.


Shared reflections on the Maker Movement and Maker Spaces. I Wish Collaborative Brainstorm for next steps. Network of community and divisional partners developed for Maker Initiatives.

Pre Tour

Pre Trip Reflection: Consider (Individually or as a team):

  • What do you already know about the Maker Movement?
  • What are looking for in this trip?
  • What are the themes you want to explore and reflect on?

Pre Trip Research:
Maker Movement Videos: 
Project H:
Tinkering School:
Maker Movement Articles:
Making Matters! How the Maker Movement Is Transforming Education
The Maker Movement and the Humanities: Giving Students A Larger Toolbox
Site Visit Background Information:
Red Deer College Maker Space
Edmonton Public Library Maker Space
Greystone Centennial School “Innovation Week”

December 14 Agenda

8:00 Meet at Education Centre in Airdrie
8:15 Tour CW Perry School Maker Space in Airdrie
9:05 Rental Vans depart Airdrie for Red Deer
10:30 Tour Red Deer College Maker Space and Innovation Centre
12:00 Lunch provided by RDC
1:00 Travel to Edmonton
2:45 Arrive and Tour Edmonton Public Library Maker Space
4:00 Check into Sutton Place Hotel 
6:00 Meet to depart to Earl’s Restaurant for group dinner and continued debrief and reflection

December 15 Agenda

8:30am Visit and Tour Greystone Centennial School “Innovation Week”
11:30am lunch in West Edmonton
3:30pm Arrive back in Airdrie for drop off to personal vehicles

Post Site Visit Agenda 

60 minutes.  Date to be determined
Before the Meeting:

Print off all tweets from the hashtag #rvsmaker using storify and cut into individual tweets.
Print and make 7 copies of the “I Wish Collaborative Brainstorm

10 min- Find Themes- Post all tweets on wall/whiteboard and collaboratively reorganize to identify themes
7 min- Name Themes- Use the format: “Students need ……”
20 min- I Wish Collaborative Brainstorm” using themes (each theme on a different sheet)
5 min- Find Themes– Look for common concepts in ideations and name concepts
10 min- Analysis – Utilize a two axis framework with Impact on the vertical axis (profound at the top, insignificant at the bottom) and Feasibility (less on the left, more on the right)
5 min- Evaluate- Individually select 1 or 2 most preferred alternatives and using sticky notes identify and explain.
Take photographs/save documentation | Book future meeting


Risk Taking Be Fully Present Creative Commons Learn from Failure Empathy Make | Create | Do Embrace Ambiguity Assume a Beginners Mindset Optimism Iterate, Iterate, Iterate