Collaboratively designing opportunities for students to make, create, and do!

Developing their problem solving, creative, and collaborative skills.

December 5, 2017: UofC

08:45 Arrive at Telus Spark and Introductions

Welcome, introductions, and cohort overview (using Graphic)
– “Do the Project Day”
– “Design Day”
– “Champion Day”
– Norms: Park your title, lean in, and embrace discomfort

09:00 Issue the Maker Challenge
– How might we design solutions that improve quality of life for communities and the environment.
– What does it mean to be livable? (Post-It Brainstorm)

09:10 SPARK Maker BINGO think about communities and environment (livability for living things)

09:30 Sort and add to knowledge commons. (community and environment T chart)
– Find a partner. Shop and select
– Choose your top issue that
– is specific
– can likely be solved through innovation or invention
– matters to me
– has a measure of impact or way to see/experience improvement

09:45 Infographic shopping 
– Supporting questions and research your topic for background
– concerns or issues that are prevalent

Today’s Deliverable –  scaffolding PiktoChart with exemplars. Share with a friend and then send to
Scaffold for infographic creation. Develop a visual Infographic sharing of findings around your theme; example Recreation. Download some TEMPLATES

10:15 Coffee and Dot-mocracy to Pick 6 (groupings)

10:30  Walk and talk to check out exhibition and get inspired about the issues!

11:30 Ideation tool (in group)

12:00 Lunch at Telus Spark ($10 certificate for Spark’s new canteen)

12:30 SPARK Innovation Challenge
– RIG Quick Build (20mins)
– C&R
– Quick design fix
– Rebuild prototype (official) (45mins)
– Create video for Spark

3:30 Closing, Exit Pass and What’s Next?!






December 7, 2017: RVS Manachaban

08:45 Arrive at Manachaban School

Welcome, introductions, and cohort overview
– “Do the Project Day”
– “Design Day”
– “Champion Day”
– Norms

Selphie Wall 🙂

Introduce the Challenge: How might we design a new community that meets the needs of 21st century people?

09:00 Empathy Interview: STUDENT DEMOGRAPHIC
— What do citizens of Cochrane appreciate about Cochrane?
— What else does Cochrane need, as a community?

Yield basic insights and populate the knowledge commons

09:30 Research phase: ADULT DEMOGRAPHIC

Reflect on Video and Post to Knowledge Commons

10:00 Theme the knowledge commons and name them

10:15 Declare THEME on Selphie Wall (Shop and Select)

Grab a Coffee and a Bio Break!

10:30  Shopping list research

11:00 Today’s Deliverable –  Scaffolding Infographic creation. Develop a visual Infographic sharing of findings around your theme; example Recreation.
Piktochart with exemplars
— Download powerpoint TEMPLATES

— email finished product

12:00 Lunch

12:30 Meet and greet your brand new friend (partnered up)

12:45 Design Ideation: 10 minutes to develop a rough draft to share
– Draw
– Vision
– Explanation
– Mime

1:00 How to:
– Flocking
– Scale
– Tools
– Trees
– Motors
– Lights
– Ideas

1:15 Scavenge and Build

2:00 Critique and Review, then Fix It!

3:00 Closing, Exit Pass and What’s Next?!

December 12 & 19, 2017

Instructional Design Day

08:30 Meeting at Design Commons (Cochrane Education Centre)

08:45 Authenticity Brainstorm

09:15 Developing your Big Idea and Inquiry Question for your class, community and/or curriculum.

09:45 Critical Friends Protocol

10:15  Break

10:45 RVS Instructional Design Framework introduction and personalization

11:15 Defining the Inquiry steps toward an Inquiry Deliverable

12:00 Lunch Provided

12:45 PBL Deliverable and developing the project steps

1:30 Documentation, Assessment and Communication

2:15 Critique and Revision: Gallery Walk the other projects. Give, Ask, Steal Protocol 

2:30 Project Revision

3:00 Next Steps: To Do list, communication with your administration,

Making Learning Visible Day and Planning your Exhibition




Rocky View Maker Faire- A divisional celebration and exhibition of student makers and their innovative designs.