Big Ideas

What is a maker mindset? How would this look at my school?


Driving Question

What is your vision for making at your school?


Makerspace plan for your school and challenge


Arrive, Welcome



3D Design and Printing (Telus Spark Staff)


Exploring Tech for the Classroom (Telus Spark Staff)




Learning Specialist Joan Kollewyn: What technology is available in RVS


What is a maker mindset? What is your vision for making in your school? Add to Knoweldge Commons



Maker tool: Consider the four main points of designing your makerspace.

Where: Where is this happening? Sign out bins? Mobile carts? Learning commons? The space influences how it will be used! If it is in a classroom, chances are only that class will have regular access to it.

What: Tech is great, but you can start a makerspace with very limited technology. Take stock of what you have in your school: check stock rooms, secret storage rooms for old computers, keyboards, headphones, constructions paper, glue, pipe cleaners, speakers, gym equipment etc

Who: Take social capital inventory: what interests and abilities lie in your staff? Consider emailing/newsletter to parents and parent council to ask for support, special skills and interests of people that may want to help

How: Connect back to your vision for this space. Will will this be facilitated?


Share and GASP Feedback




Challenge: your challenge is that you must lead a maker challenge in your school. On your tool, write out the challenge and who, what and where. (This could be at a staff meeting, with your class or homeroom, or even just a grade team.)

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