Big Idea

The work of the Learning Department is varied and diverse, yet we all strive to improving learning for our students and teachers.

Driving Questions

How might we create the conditions for collaboration, design and reflection?
What were some of our school’s previous priorities and some of the initiatives we tried that made an impact? 
What did we learn from our conversations with parents, students, and staff in the spring ‘Discover’ phase? 
What might our priorities be for 2019/20?
What are some things we might try toward these ends and how might we reflect on them through the year? 




9:00am Introduction and agenda

9:10am  Norms: these are our ground rules for collaboration
This gets us:
– to enter a collaborative workshop mindset
– to consider new habits of mind for our work together
– shared beliefs about what makes effective and productive collaboration. 

9:20am Priming the engine with Phenomenological Improv
This gets us:
– to engage in collaborative and productive work
– to model collaboration 
– to shake off some of the summer ‘rust’ in a low stakes activity

9:50am  Share your ideas

10:00am Break

10:20am Looking back to look ahead. Partner or small group conversations recorded onto the chart tool: What were some of our school’s previous priorities or goals and what actions did we take toward them? How did we document or measure the impact? 
This gets us:
– to acknowledge the ongoing work of learning and improving as a school
– to reflect on effective prototypes 
– documentation of previous, and current, priority areas in the school to inform next steps for the 2019-20 school year

10:50am Gallery walk and Looking for patterns. 
This gets us: 
– documentation for the admin and school action team to consider in the ‘Define Stage’ of school visioning. 

11:00am What might our school priorities be for the 2019-20 school year? 
– This is a strategic plan with a few areas Muriel Clayton will focus on through professional learning, resources, classroom and school actions. Once we ‘Define’ our goals for the school year (previously outlined in the SEP- School Education Plan) we can develop a PL calendar toward these goals, collaborate on initiatives toward the goals with stakeholders. What are some things we could try to move the needle in a positive way? How will we know it’s working? What will we keep our eye on? How might we document the journey to share with our school community and beyond? 
This gets us:
– to focus specifically 

11:00am Given our school’s priority areas, Ideate possible actions we might take toward them. Choose or vote promising ideas that will have the greatest impact on student success and engagement. 

12:00pm Exit Pass: I Like, I wish, Aha, What if