Making Learning Visible

Storytelling is a powerful way to share what learning looks like in your classroom. Give opportunity and voice to your students to reflect upon and share their learning through audio, video, publishing, portfolio, presentation and exhibition. Scroll down to discover workshops, tools and exemplars that can help you make learning visible with your students.

Making Learning Visible Workshops

These workshops are professional learning opportunities for teachers and leaders to practice storytelling by doing the project themselves. Develop your storytelling skills by creating artifacts that you are proud of and sharing them publicly, and then teaching your students to do the same.

Learning Stories Workshop

Produce a Documentary

Capture professional audio, video, interviews and narration using the tools your school has to offer. Edit your story in iMovie and share your documentary publicly on YouTube. Bring your laptop with iMovie installed plus the camera you’ll be using to capture images.

Fall Workshop (Nov 6, 2017)
Winter Workshop (Jan 26, 2018)
Spring Workshop (May 10, 2018)

Print Publishing Workshop

Publish a Book

Write engaging content with purpose and audience in a collaborative environment. Create a professional layout for your book and publish print and digital copies to share with your audience. Bring your favorite notebook and your laptop. Workshop Coming Soon!

Digital Portfolio Workshop

Launch a Website

Create a website for your professional digital portfolio. Design your homepage, gallery and blog, then share your website with your audience. Use your portfolio to showcase beautiful art and artifacts that you’re proud of.  Bring your laptop plus the camera you’ll be using to capture images. Workshop Coming Soon!

Tools for Making Learning Visible

The Writing Process
How To Make Pro Videos on an iPad
How To Publish with Your Students
How To Make a Learning Story
How To Take Pro Photos
How To Launch Your Digital Portfolio


We’re big fans of They advocate for Making Learning Visible through Exhibition, Student-Led Conferences and Presentations of Learning. Click the button to access their site and toolkit and watch their videos.


Student Led Conference.

Presentation of Learning.

Make Things that Matter.

Design learning experiences for your students in which they are makers, creators and doers. Do the project yourself and teach your kids. Make Learning Visible by documenting and sharing their journey to make things they are proud of.

Reflect on Experience.

Design opportunities for your students to set goals, reflect deeply on their experiences and assess for growth. Make Learning Visible through journals, blogs, student-led conferences and presentations of learning.

Exhibit Publicly.

Share and celebrate student learning with peers, parents and the public. Design exhibitions of high-quality student artifacts that Make Learning Visible. Create portfolios and storytelling as evidence of learning.