Making Learning Visible

Making Learning Visible is about celebrating the learning experiences in your classroom. The Learning Stories workshops are designed to help RVS Teachers and Leaders scaffold the skills to create multimedia stories. In these one-day workshops, you will use your own digital documentation of learning along with your own narration to create an iMovie to share publicly on YouTube. The Pre-Production Workshop scaffolds the skills you need to capture beautiful footage and interviews of students engaged in learning experiences. The Post-Production Workshop scaffolds the narration recording and video editing skills you will need to produce a movie that you’re proud of to share with your stakeholders.

Pre-Production for Teachers

Learn how to capture great images and footage to document the learning journey. For this workshop, bring your RVS laptop with the latest version of iMovie installed, plus the camera you’ll be using to tell your story – even if it’s an iPod or iPad.

Register for Sep 19, 2017
Register for Jan 26, 2018

Post-Production for Teachers

Learn to craft images, audio and video into an engaging learning story to share with your community. For this workshop, bring your RVS laptop with the latest version of iMovie installed and a pair of headphones, the footage that you captured of your students, and a script of your narration.

Register for Nov 6, 2017
Register for May 10, 2018

MLV in Your Classroom

Scaffold multimedia skills with your students so that they can create and share beautiful multimedia artworks they are proud of. Publish books of student stories and poetry, create magazines of science articles with photography, put on an original play about social issues, produce a documentary film festival. Engage learners by making, creating and doing things that matter.

Contact the Learning Design Team to Make a Plan

Release Forms

Always send a letter home share to parents with your plan to Make Learning Visible in your class. You will need students to complete the current FOIP release form so you can share their images and work.

2017 RVS FOIP Release Form

Watch the Learning Stories

You can see dozens of examples of Learning Stories created by RVS teachers and leaders on the RVS YouTube Channel. Here is the playlist:

Capture Pro Images

Here are some tips for shooting beautiful photos and video that you are proud of.


  • Steady your camera with a tripod.
  • Compose with the Rule of Thirds.


  • Shaded sun is the best light.
  • The window is a lamp.
  • Avoid backlight to prevent silhouettes.


  • Sound is as important as the picture.
  • Record in a quiet place.
  • Use a good mic for interviews.