The Rocky View Learning Department supports teachers and leaders who have innovative ideas and provides opportunities for them to collaborate on current initiatives and to inspire new ones.

Driving Questions

How might we design professional learning that is responsive to the needs of schools?

What are the intersections of our work and are there professional learning opportunities we might co-design and facilitate?

What is our shared language around designing learning? Discover, Define, Develop, and Document….

Schools are developing their How Might We questions in the DEFINE stage of the playbook ahead of ideating prototypes to address these. What is our role in supporting their needs, and how might our initiatives and actions change in light of that.


Share and celebrate the powerful work of the Learning Department.

Connecting the work of the Learning Department to the RVS Narrative.

Agenda: May 31, 2019

10:00 Welcome and Intro to the day

10:10 Looking back on 2018-2019 (google doc)
– Reflecting on the PL from the current school year, what worked well, what new AHA’s came from the work, how did you iterate through the year, what were your PROPS and FLOPS on the google slide

10:35 Who are we?
– Show the Narrative Video

– How do we fit within the divisional Narrative and the 4YP? How will we use the playbook to inform our work as a department going forward?
– What is our tag line? what might our icon be? What imagery or symbolism might inspire a logo for our department?

10:50 Looking ahead to 2019-2020
– A playbook for leading innovation in RVS from the divisional level.
– What are some of the PL workshops you hope to offer in the Fall and beyond?
– Who is your intended audience? Grade level, experience, multiple entry points…
– Looking at your potential PL offerings next year, how are you inspiring quality innovative instructional design ideas/literacy?
– How will these reflections change your offerings or work in the coming school year?

11:45 Share back
– Feedback Protocol: I see connection to my work…, Connections to the 4YP, I’d like to +1, I wonder, I like…

12:00 Lunch Inter-branch group conversation

August/ September Next Steps:
– Review today’s feedback
– Invite New Perspectives and new ideas to the conversation