Collaborative Design for Teachers

Driving Questions:

  • How might we use collaborative processes and protocols in developing a vision for our school for the 2017/18 school year?
  • What are the Priority Areas of Focus in your school? What are the pillars of your school community?
  • What supports, initiatives, PL etc. support each of the driving principles of your school?

A Visual draft of your PL plan and supporting evidence and measures for your TPGP.
A stakeholder consultation process

Larry Rosenstock of High Tech High: Describes a School Narrative

Identifying a small number of core factors (6 or so) that must be included in your focus (the simple part); and realizing that the problem is how to make them gel—the chemistry of getting them to play out among individuals and groups (the complex part).
More on Simplexity



  • Be Fully Present
  • Assume a Beginner’s Mindset for the work. Park your title, be open-minded, empathetic, and Channel your inner Roy Group coach and coachee.
  • Fierce Collaboration: Lean in, get creative, embrace discomfort and have an awareness of your role in creating an engaging atmosphere.
  • Make, Create, Do
  • We use processes and protocols that help us to be collaborative and creative together.

Agenda: June 7, 2018
RVSO 228 River Ave Cochrane

09:00 Welcome and Introductions

09:15 Reflecting on Professional Learning. Empathy Interview.
– What did you do for PL this year? What went well? What was tricky?
– What have you done previously?

09:45 What are all of the professional learning demands? (Personal, School, Divisional, Provincial)
– Sort X axis, Y axis (Engagement vs Student Learning Impact)
– What would you like to focus on? What are the demands on you?
– What are great or unique PL opportunities? (Kendra talk)

10:15 Walk and Talk Protocol
– PL design. Reflecting on great PL. What are your options?

11:00 Declare your PL theme/s for the 2018/19 professional learning
What — Why — How (crowd source)

11:30 Discussing Good PL (Buffet Resource)

12:00 Lunch

12:30 Learning Design Plan for the 2018/19 School School Year.
– How might our PL calendar provide leadership opportunities in the facilitation and follow up of the learning?
– How could we enrich this professional learning with partners, places and peers?
– How might we honour TPGP goals or personalization in professional learning?

1:30 P3 Populate and gallery walk

2:00 Continued design time, collaboration

3:00 Reflection and Departure