Big Idea: There are many ways to approach good learning design. Design is distinct from Planning. Planning is solution-focussed: Consider a problem, devise a solution, implement. Design is user-focussed and iterative: Learn about your end user, consider multiple solutions to their problems, prototype promising solutions (think small & agile), evaluate, iterate & scale up as needed.

Goals: To use our time together for collaboratively developing ideas for solving problems of practice (in light of empathy & insights that have come prior) and creating prototypes for these solutions. To learn about the use of Design Thinking in Elementary School contexts in Rocky View Schools.

Crowdsourced “I Wish” Collaborative Brainstorm
Critiqued Prototype Plan

January 30

Jan 30th, 2019 Agenda

10:30am Introduction and Virtual Learning Walk:
– The RVS Learning Narrative
What Learning Looks Like in Rocky View Schools episode 6

10:40am Using Design Thinking in Rocky Schools to develop our next 4 Year Plan

10:50am I Wish Collaborative Brainstorm:

  • Develop your POV, HMW & constraint statements
  • Crowdsource Suggestions & Solutions

11:10am Consolidate & Sort.

  • Select 2 compelling, 2 easy, & 2 pie in the sky solutions
  • Pair & share. What collection of suggestions look promising? What might you add of your own.

11:40am Focussed design: Develop a prototype plan bearing in mind the following criteria:

  • Are your users considered? Are you designing for the average?
  • Is it relatively small? Iterative?
  • How will you know if it’s working?

11:55am Critique & Revision

  • Pair with a new colleague & share.
  • What do you like, wonder, & offer their plan?
  • What might you ask of them for your own plan?

12:10pm Laned design plan introduction.

12:15pm Q&A