Big Idea

The design of this opportunity is to collaboratively reflect on our practice through site visits where the themes of maker spaces, learning commons culture and learning by doing are being explored.

Driving Question

How might we develop spaces and instructional design that is student centred, and meets the dynamic needs of our diverse learners?


Utilize design thinking tools to explore prototypes for creative spaces in our school that facilitate authentic and student centred learning.


  1. Insights and themes generated through collaborative ideation.
  2. A process for prototyping creative spaces through the new furniture suite.
  3. A future design date for reflection and iteration.



Risk Taking

Be Fully Present

Creative Commons

Learn from Failure


Make | Create | Do

Embrace Ambiguity

Assume a Beginners Mindset


Iterate, Iterate, Iterate


9:00am Meet at Coventry Hills Starbucks Introduction- Review Big Idea, Driving Question, Goal and Deliverables

9:15am  Empathy Interview Protocol

 10:00am   Meet Learning Leader Steve Clark at Nose Creek School CBE

11:40am  Lunch and Reflection at Van Son Vietnamese Restaurant in Chestermere

12:30pm Visit RVS Prairie Waters Elementary Learning Commons

2:00pm Arrive at the Connect Charter School

3:00pm Debrief, prototype planning I Wish Collaborative Ideation: A protocol to generate practical ways to facilitate the outcomes we want for students.

3:30pm Departure