The FutureWriters Cohort

Sharing Your Stories: To share the story you began in our earlier workshop, login to the FutureWriters Google Classroom, which you can access from your Google Drive. Create a new Post by clicking the + sign in the bottom right corner of the classroom Stream. Use the attachment icon to add a pdf or document version, or use the link icon to a pdf or Google Doc with a shareable link from Google Drive. Standard manuscript format is Courier 12, double-spaced.  Please feel free to leave comments on a couple of peers' stories with prompts like: "I like...", "What if..." and "Tell me more about..."

Our Norms

Make | Create | Do
Take Risks
Learn from Failure
Document & Reflect

On Spec Magazine

Check out some of the past issues from our Authenticity Partner, OnSpec Magazine, the Canadian Magazine of the Fantastic, which is based in Edmonton, AB. You will need to be logged into your rvschools Google account to view the full issue.

Day One Agenda

RVS Education Center • Tue Sep 22, 2015

08:30am  Introduction to FutureWriters

 08:50am Norms - Self Reflection Tool

09:45am Creative Confidence Protocol from knowledge commons prompt

10:20am  Break

Alberta Tomorrow Provocation- Student Questions Drive the Inquiry

Find Themes

11:15 am Intermediate Deliverable - iSearch Tool

12:15pm  Lunch

12:50pm  Exhibition – Gallery Walk


01:45pm  Critique & Revision – Critical Friends Protocol

02:15pm  Revision

02:45pm  October Design:
                     How will you design opportunities of students questions to drive the inquiry?
                     What tools will your students need to build their writing skills?

03:30pm  Departure

Day Two Agenda

RVS Education Center • Wed Sep 23, 2015

08:35am Illustrated Learning Journey  

09:20am  Concept Development Tool - Crowd Source

09:40am  Develop a Story Outline Tool

10:30am  Break

10:45am  Write a Story Draft

11:30am  Critique & Revision – Story & Style Protocol

12:15 pm Lunch

12:45pm Design Assessment:
                   What observations, conversations and products will you collect?
                   How will you support students to reflect on competencies?

01:35pm Give Ask Steal Protocol

02:00pm Revision

02:45pm Deliverables and Next Steps 
  • Making Learning Visible: Documentation Plan for Introduction to Anthology
  • Anthology Layout and Art
  • Cross-Classroom Critique and Revision Planning
  • Learning Specialist Site Visit Scheduling
  • Publishing Deliverables & Scheduling
  • FOIP Release Forms

03:30pm Dismiss

Day Three Agenda

RVS Education Centre • Tue Nov 24, 2015

08:30am  Intro: Agenda, deliverables and support moving forward.

08:45am Empathy Interview 

9:00am  Writing the Introduction to your RVS FutureWriters Anthology • 
What Skills and Competencies did the Students Develop? 
What Aspects of the Project Engaged Them?
What were some Memorable Moments from the Project? 

09:45am  Sharing your Introduction with Empathy Interview Partner - I like... I wonder... Tell me more about...

10:00am  Revise Introduction

10:15am Break

10:30am  Building the Title Page, Acknowledgements, Contents, Foreward and Introduction in BookWright,  Foreword _Diane Walton_Nov 2015

11:00am Adding stories 

11:30am   Gallery Walk

11:45am Revision 

12:00pm Lunch

12:30pm  Creating the Cover

12:45pm  Work Time

2:30pm  Completion Timeline: Exporting Proofs, Publishing and Exhibition Planning, Printing Plan, Invitation for Feedback

3:30pm Departure